• DNS:   The concept of DNS is based on the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology (DK) i.e., the neurophysiological aspects of the maturing locomotor system.

  • Kinesio Taping:  A unique therapeutic taping to assist in pain reduction and performance enhancement.  A favorite of athletes, this technique is an excellent adjunct to the treatment of musculoskeletal  injuries in many types of patients. 
  • Corrective exercise:   Corrective exercises are utilized to help patients take a greater part in their own care and to shorten the recovery time.  Our exercise programs are uniquely and individually designed based upon  Dr. Swigart's years of experience in the exercise field.

Each visit at Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness is a unique experience.   A treatment session may include electric muscle stimulation, massage therapy, exercise, stretching, spinal manipulations and other treatments.  Patients may receive home exercises to address their condition as soon as the first visit.  In addition, all procedures are monitored by our expert staff.


  • EMS: Electric muscle stimulation- electrodes are applied to the affected area in which  currents cause a therapeutic effect on the body.  These electric currents create thermal, physiologic and chemical response. Benefits include pain control, muscle contraction and reduction of edema.
  • Therapeutic massage: Therapeutic massage  works on a broader area of muscular and fascial tissue.  The movements of myofascial release treatments have been compared to kneading a piece of taffy- gentle stretching that gradually softens, lengthens, and pulls restrictions from the fascia.  Massage therapy is utilized  as a part of most patient encounters at Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness.
  • Triton DTS Traction:  A safe and effective cutting edge  treastment for disc injuries.  The "Decompression" system has been shown to be helpful in difficult-to-treat nerve injuries of the neck and back including disc herniations.
  • Graston Instrument assisted Massage:  An aggressive cutting edge soft tissue therapy utilizing metal tools to treat chronic conditions such as tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis  as well as back and neck injury.  Instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization is standard practice for most professional sports teams.


  • SELECTIVE FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT ANALYSIS (SFMA) and FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREENING (FMS): A unique whole body movement analysisutilized by doctors and trainers to determine  the true cause of pain and predict future injury.  FMS Screenings are a standard part of the evaluation of athletes for the NHL and NFL drafts and are an excellent clinical evaluation tool.