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Dr. Tyson Swigart is a 1997 Cum Laude graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa.  He has completed post-graduduate coursework to become a Board Certified Sports Physician, and is currently pursuing Board Certification in Orthopedics.  He obtained his bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland in exercise physiology in 1992, where he worked as a strength and conditioning coach and his own successful personal training business.  He has maintained his certified strength and conditioning specialist status since 1992 by continuing to take coursework related to improving human performance.  Dr. Swigart serves on the board of the Slippery Rock University exercise science department as a physician advisor helping to direct curriculum. He is actively involved in developing strength and conditioning programs for local sports teams and in treating their athletes.  He is regarded as one of western pennsylvania's leading experts on the science of movement. 


Dr. Tyson Swigart (DC, CCSP, CSCS)


"As a coach of a physically demanding sport, I am always looking for ways to care for our athletes, improve players’ performance and give our program an edge.  In this regard, Southpointe Chiropractic and Dr. Swigart have served as a terrific professional partner and resource.  We refer our athletes to Southpointe Chiropractic for injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  We are quick to seek Dr. Swigart’s advice any time we have questions about injury prevention and how to improve overall muscle strength, range of motion, balance and cardiovascular conditioning.  Dr. Swigart has also helped us design cutting-edge stretching and conditioning programs that we use on a daily basis.

 The feedback I have received from players that have been to Southpointe Chiropractic has been very positive.  Players have consistently been impressed with the expertise and the attentive and friendly service provided by Dr. Swigart and his staff.  If you are a coach or an athlete that is suffering from an injury or striving for peak performance I would highly recommend engaging Dr. Swigart and the other professionals at Southpointe Chiropractic".
-Brian Y. (Head varsity high school coach)

"Having someone taking care of my body who is experienced and still continues to study and learn about the latest advances in technique is a must for me.  I have that with Dr. Swigart and his office and I am very grateful".

-Missie B. (Former PGA tour winner and golf professional)

"I highly recommend Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness to anyone, athletes and non-athletes, of all ages.  Their professionalism, with kindness and concern for their patient's is remarkable".

-Chuck T. (2 time All American basketball player)

"I conceived my son within 2 months of begining treatment and my daughter within 1 month of returning to treatment.  Not only do I believe that you helped me be healthy and relaxed enough to concieve, but you played a critical role in caring  for me during my pregnancies.  I firmly believe that I was able to have my 2 babies completely naturally  because of you". 

-Stacey K.

"My daughter suffes form chronic migraines, due to a concussion.  Her migraines were causing disruptions in her school work and her quality of life.  After her first treatment session with Dr. Tyosn Swigart, I saw her smile, a huge improvement.  Thanks to Dr. Swigart, my daughter has decreased symptoms and now has learned strategies to help ease her headache symptoms.  She never misses her scheduled appointments.

-Kate S. (Physical Therapist)

"As I have progressed through the decades, it has been important for me to stay active and have the flexibility to play competitive tennis.  I am now a big believer how Dr. Swigart employs his treatment on an individual basis.  Chiropractic services are combined with fitness programs.  All mebers of Dr. Swigart's staff are upto date with what it takes to achieve  each individuals goals.  My tennis and golf games are now very enjoyable all due to Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness.

-Craig M.

The staff at Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness includes a doctor of chiropractic, registered nurse, certified athletic trainer, exercise physiologist and licensed massage therapist.  Our entire staff undergoes extensive training with our office protocols and regularly attends continuing education seminars on the latest techniques in manual therapy.  Our philsophy has been to integrate these professionals into a team.


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Southpointe Chiropractic & Fitness has been providing hands-on chiropractic care , massage therapy and cutting edge therapeutic exercise programs since 1999.  Our combination of treaments and emphasis on individualized patient centered care has allowed us to help thousands of patients get and stay well.  Our purpose is to provide a drug and surgery-free alternative to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. 

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